What shoes to wear with my wedding dress?


So now that you have said yes to your dream wedding dress, you are probably wondering what shoes to wear with your dress? There are many factors to consider when deciding on your wedding shoes, everything from venue location, to your dress style, to your personal style and the level of comfort you would like to be in. Of course, many brides feel they want to be as comfortable as possible on their wedding day, but some don’t mind wearing some fancy heels to match their wedding dress for a few hours or for their wedding pictures. So let’s take a look at a couple of factors that will affect your decision!

Wedding Venue

If your wedding is taking place outdoors at a farm or in the forest where there is soil and leaves everywhere, you may consider wearing flats or wedding shoes with a thicker heel. Stilettos may be tricky because the heel will start digging into the soil. Aside from ruining your beautiful wedding shoes, it may prove to be difficult to walk around one. One option is to wear flats or even runners to your location, then change into heels for pictures! If your wedding takes place in a restaurant or in a ballroom (predominantly indoors) any types of heels would be appropriate. If it is a fancier location, heels or embellished flats (such as cute sparkly keds) would be a fun choice! Some may feel that for a ballroom you would need to wear stilettos or heels, but at the end of the day, it’s your big day, it’s your wedding, so you should wear what makes you happy!! If it’s a country style wedding, cowboy boots would be a perfect match, don’t you think?

Dress Style

If your wedding dress has a long train or a poufy bottom, it would be nice to wear a pair of heels to give it some height! If your dress has lots of bling and details, perhaps you can select a pair of simpler wedding shoes as not to take the attention away from your dress. Mostly, your wedding dress will cover your shoes, so don’t be afraid to opt for a comfortable pair of wedding shoes. If your wedding dress has a slit in the front or is a hi-low dress, or just a short wedding dress in general, make sure you wear super cute wedding shoes! Typically, we find nude coloured or white shoes are the safest in terms of matching your wedding dress. But that is not to say you can’t do something super fun and pick a pair of blue (something blue) or red sexy heels to spice things up! I mean, why not??

Personal Style

Always ask yourself, what is my personal style? Sometimes in the midst of all the craziness during wedding planning, we forget what we love! If you are one who is more practical and love to be comfortable, perhaps getting a pair of nice sneakers or simple nude heels are your best choice to match whichever wedding dress you say yes to. If you love to stand out from the crowd and love bling bling, go for a pair of sparkly wedding shoes or ones with a brooch in the front. At the end of the day, remember you can also always swap shoes at any point. If your wedding dress accommodates for a 4” inch, it would be best to get a pair of platform runners if you are planning to swap shoes. This way, your wedding dress won’t be dragging too much on the floor if and when you swap to your more comfortable option.

At Je Vis Bridal, we not only help you with saying yes to your dream wedding dress, but we can also help provide you with tips and advise on what shoes to wear amongst other accessories. We offer custom veils and suggestions on where to find your wedding shoes. So book a consultation with us today for a stress free experience.

How to accessorize your final wedding day look?


First of all, congrats on saying yes to your dress! I know it can be a fairly stressful process but I hope you truly enjoyed the process. So now that you have your dress, you are probably stressing about accessories. What would look good? What would be too much? Veil or no veil?? So the answer to those questions highly depends on your wedding dress, your personal style, your wedding theme and also venue.


Let’s talk about veils. Many feel veils are the final touch to your wedding look, it’s the final piece to complete the bride look. Veils come in various lengths and styles. If your dress is heavily embellished, I recommend going for a simple veil with a bead or simple lace trim as you don’t want to take away from your wedding dress. If your dress is made of a heavy lace pattern, again, you may want to consider a simpler veil. Make sure if you do a lace veil on a lace dress, that the lace matches! As for length, for walking down the aisle, it is absolutely stunning to wear a long cathedral veil but if you are doing a more casual destination wedding, perhaps a shorter veil will be less clumsy and more convenient to walk around in. Veils also comes in many different shades, so make sure you get the proper shade/colour. Best to try on veils with your wedding gown on and take pictures!


Crowns is one of those accessories where it’s really up to the bride-to-be’s style. If you are a princess or like to feel like one, then crown is your thing. Crowns can be worn with your veil as well. Who doesn’t want to wear a tiara on their big day??


For open necklines, such as strapless, sweetheart or off the shoulder styles, a simple drop necklace would be pretty. But if your dress is heavily embellished, I would recommend either a simple pearl or diamond necklace, or even no necklace. For off white dresses, I usually recommend gold or rose gold necklace, and for white dresses, silver looks amazing. For any dresses with a higher neckline or collar, I recommend letting the dress do it’s magic and stand out without any necklaces.


Again, we want to look at necklines of your dress. If your dress is strapless, a long drop or chandelier earring would be stunning. For lace dresses, I find that pearls really stand out. Now, if your dress has a higher neckline, go for a simple pearl or stone stud earring or a small chandelier earring, but definitely not something that is too long in length. Remember, we try to accessorize only to make the dress more beautiful, we are not trying to steal the show here!


Bracelets are a great addition to any dresses with the exception of long sleeves dress, simply because you won’t be able to see them. Unless, you wear a pearl bracelet outside of your sleeves. If you do so, make sure the bracelet stands out yet does not look over done. Otherwise, any simple stone or pearl bracelets are perfect finishing touches!


From hair clips to headbands, what matches and what doesn’t? This will highly depend on your dress style. If you have a dress that is light and fun, I would do some individual floral pins and randomly place them throughout your up do. If you have a vintage styled dress, perhaps a more Gatsby style head piece would be stunning. For a ball gown, I would recommend a rhinestone comb that you can place at the side of your head.

At the end of the day, the accessories is entirely up to you. If you have a special piece of jewelry from a special someone, you will probably want to wear that on your special day. As long as you are happy, then you have picked the right accessory, as your smile is the best accessory for your big day!

Bonnie C., Owner & Designer of Je Vis Bridal  

The big question - how do you find THE dress?


With literally thousands of wedding dress styles to choose from, online and in stores, how do you pick just one wedding dress for your special day?? Especially with all the social media platforms these days, we are easily bombarded by styles after styles after styles. Your thought process for picking out a wedding dress, before even being in a store to try on any styles, is often going to entail the following: "I think I like the mermaid style, yes, that is the only style I will try because it looks amazing in these pictures. Oh but, look at this trumpet style, this looks gorgeous too. I wonder how it will look on me. Or am I a ball gown type of girl. No, no ball gown,..." and it goes on. Sounds about right? Well, you are not alone! 90% of the brides who come see me, are the exact same! So here are a few pointers on how to eliminate this issue, and how to find your dream wedding dress:

1) Be open-minded - Even though you have seen millions of mermaid style wedding dresses and you absolutely love it, you have tried the style and it fits your body great, be open-minded! Try on 1-2 different styles! Trust me, you will be surprised! Most of my brides come in wanting one thing and leave with another! 

2) Don't go crazy - Having said point number 1, it does not mean try on every single style and variation of the style in every single store in the city! This will drive you crazy! There are simply too many options for wedding dresses out there. So pick 2-3 boutiques to try out, and try on 3-6 dresses at each bridal store. Don't overwhelm yourself. You can always go back! 

3) Stop looking - Once you have said YES to your dress, stop looking. Stop browsing or shopping online or on social media platforms! There will always be new styles of wedding dresses that will come out every season. You said YES to your dress because you loved it and it made you feel like a bride, so shopping around after will only confuse you!

4) Be adventurous - Have fun and be adventurous at your fitting! Try on styles that you would never try on in a million years! First of all, not only would you look amazing in it and surprise yourself, but this is a once in a lifetime fitting, why not make the most out of it and have fun!

5) Take Pictures - Can't even begin to express how important this is. Again, the fitting is not just about finding the right dress, the process of looking for the right wedding dress is just as memorable. Pictures will also help you make the selection after you leave the bridal store!

6) Forget rules - I have lots of brides who come in and say "I am _____ shape, so I will only try on ______ styles, because this style is the best for my shape." No, the best style for your shape is the style that makes you feel most like a bride. It's the one that you don't want to take off, it's the one that brings the widest smile on your face, and occasionally the tears and blushing. THAT is the best style for you!

Finally, if you want to know which wedding dress is YOUR wedding dress, it's the one you dream of and cannot stop thinking about. Follow your heart, not what everyone else says xoxo

Bonnie C., Owner & Designer of Je Vis Bridal