Your Personalized Experience With Je Vis Bridal!

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1. Tell us about your big day

I would love to meet you in person to learn more about your love story and details for your big day. Aside from your personal style and preference, your venue and wedding day details can have an influence on your dress selection. So I want to take the time to learn more about your big day before we start shopping!


2.Style Brainstorming

Now that we have learned more about your wedding day, let’s talk style! Have you tried on any dresses prior to coming to Je Vis Bridal? How was that experience? What is your preference for style? Remember to keep an open mind! We will likely suggest a few styles that we think you will look amazing in! You will be surprised, sometimes you will come in wanting one style and end up falling in love with another. So again, keep an open mind!

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3. Customization Options

When you try on our dresses, you may find yourself saying the following: “I like the top part of THIS dress and the bottom of THAT dress” or “I like this style but can we make it in a different colour or fabric?” or “Not a huge fan of the long train, can we shorten it?”. The answer is YES to all the above. Since we design them, we can change them! We can definitely make modifications to suit your style, that’s the beauty with Je Vis Bridal!

Yes to the dress.jpg

4. yes to the dress?

When the time is right and you find the right dress that you absolutely love, your smile will give it away. And that is when the question will be asked, “Are you saying yes to the dress?”


5. Accessories and finishing touches

To help complete your final wedding day look, we also offer customized veils in different lengths and styles. We also carry various accessories from earrings, to necklaces, bracelets, crowns, and headpieces..