1.       Do I have to book an appointment for my fitting?

Yes please! We are by appointment only, so please make sure you call or email us to book your fitting before coming by. We don’t want to disappoint by missing you!

2.       How long is each appointment?

Our fittings are generally up to 1.5 hours but if you need a bit more time, and our schedule accommodates, that’s ok too!

3.       How many people can I bring to my fitting?

That is up to you! Our intimate spot fits 8 comfortably! But keep in mind, sometimes too many opinions may be confusing.

4.      What do I need to bring to my fitting?

You and your beautiful self! We have heels if you don’t and all our dresses have built-in bras. Nude undergarments is recommended! Make sure you have your phone with you so we can take pictures during your fitting!

5.       How long does it take to make my wedding dress?

Depending on the style, it is between 3-6 months. But if you are in a real hurry, we can put in a rush order for a fee of $150.

6.       Does your pricing include alterations?

We make your wedding dress custom to your size, so likely, you will not need alterations but in the event that your weight fluctuates, we have a seamstress who can do the alterations at a small fee. Most of our dresses can be made with tie back, which means it can be sized up or down.

7.       Do I have to pay a deposit when I say yes to my dress to place an order?

Once you happily say yes to your dress, we will require a 50% deposit and the remaining balance will be paid upon pick up.

8.       Do you make custom wedding dresses?

Due to the busy wedding season, we cannot accommodate full custom designs but we can make modifications to our existing styles. We can modify color, style and fabric on existing styles though!

9.       What happens if I lose weight by the time my wedding day arrives?

Most of our dresses can be made with a tie back, which means it can be sized up or down! If your dress is zipper back, we recommend doing final alterations with our recommended seamstress 3 weeks before your big day.

10.   What sizes are your sample dresses at the store?

Since most of our sample dresses are tie backs, they can fit sizes 0-8 (normal dress size). We have a few styles that can fit up to dress size 14. But keep in mind we can make any dress in any size!

11.   If I need to cancel my fitting, when should I do so?

Please kindly give us at least 48 hours notice. Since we are by appointment only, we do come in just for you, so please don’t leave us hanging!  

12.   My wedding is not going to be for a while, how far in advance should I book my fitting?

We have had brides say yes to a dress and their wedding is in 3 years’ time and we have also had brides frantically looking for a dress for their wedding next month. So the answer is, come when you are ready to come! Wedding dresses are timeless, and when you find the one, you will love it, no matter how far away your wedding day is. Of course, we don’t recommend coming the month before but anywhere between 9-12 months before your big day would be perfect!

13.   If I tried a dress that I like but want to think about it, is that ok?

More than ok!! We are here to help you find the perfect dress, not to pressure you into purchasing a dress. That is why we always encourage taking pictures during the fitting. And as we always say to our brides-to-be, if you dream about the dress, that’s your dress! So take all the time you need!

14.   What kind of experience can I expect from my fitting at Je Vis Bridal?

We are here to help ease your dress selecting process. So be prepared to talk to us with your likes and concerns. You will have the entire studio space to yourself, so there is no pressure or rush. We have a pretty cozy spot, so we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We want you to have fun and enjoy the experience. Treat us like a friend, be open with us so we can help you find your perfect dress with no stress!